On 02/18/2012 10:41 PM, Steve Kinney wrote:
> On 02/18/2012 10:02 PM, lckrkrzypatch wrote:
>> Is it possible to save files as PDF like photoshop?
> Probably not "like Photoshop" but here are two ways:
> 1.  Easy as in simple:  Save your image as a .ps file.  (That's
> postscript.)  Then convert the .ps file to .pdf via the ps2pdf
> terminal command, i.e.:
> ps2pdf example.ps example.pdf
> ps2pdf is part of the GhostScript package, versions should be
> available for most operating systems.

Um, on second thought, I have been playing with this and it is
giving me cat fits.  The GIMP's Postscript files are fine, but
apparently ps2pdf, at least the version installed on my system, does
not like "arbitrary" dimensions, and gives me an image cropped as IT
dang well pleases as a pdf output.

So, here's another e-z gui option, probably better than any I
suggested earlier:

Save your image as a .png file.  Open it with Inkscape, making sure
the "embed" option is selected.  Do a Save As, select the PDF
format, name the output file with the correct extension, and hit the
go button.

This should work on all platforms.  If it does not, make sure you
have GhostScript installed - you also need it to import .pdf files
to the GIMP.

If you do not already have Inkscape, congratulations, now you can
play with vector files!  Don't miss Inkscape's File > Import from
Open Clip Art Library command - tons of free images that are
flexible and adaptable in every sense of the word.



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