>Hi,  I'm new to the list.  And fairly new to Gimp.  I wish to create a text
>logo and don't know how to get if formatted like I want.  The text is 2
>words using the Bremen Bd true type font style.  What I'm trying to do is
>have the top of the text square blocked and the bottom curved.  The logo
>would look like it's sitting on a half moon cresent.  Does this make sense?
>Can anyone show me how to accomplish this in Gimp.

>Many thanks in advance.



I think this is what you want. Started off with screenshots but easier to make 
a video.

http://youtu.be/HlCEW8UOj4o  about 3 mins

If it is, then get the Gimp script from


Read the info there as well.

Remember, once rendered the text is no longer editable as text - it is a 

Also worth thinking 'alternative'  LibreOffice/OpenOffice/MSOffice all have a 
'TextArt' function. 
Make it there, save as a graphic file (say, png), import into Gimp.

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