> Hello,
> My name is Derek Mortimer.
> I am looking for an open source application to reduce the number of
> pixels, thus reducing the number of kilobytes or megabytes, in a
> normal picture file, jpeg, etc.
> In Photoshop, the process is called downsampling.  I have looked at
> the documentation for GIMP and sampling does not seem to be the
> correct term for the requisite process.  Nor can I find what is the
> correct term in GIMP.
> Does the process of pixel reduction and file size reduction exist in
> GIMP, please?
> If it does, what is the technical term, please, so that I can look it
> up in the documentation for GIMP?

Unsure of your final objective, is it for web or for print?

Have a look at Image->Scale_Image where you can adjust both size and dpi


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