>Am 24.02.2012 15:45, schrieb gerard82:
>Another observation. When I use the tablet mouse, switching the tools
>with the keyboard works. The same when I use the stylus while it's not
>in "drawing mode". As soon I press the lower stylus button to switch on
>"drawing mode", the tool switch by keyboard is off and the left button
>on the trackball is disabled. To switch tools or use the menus, I have
>to put the stylus away, put the tablet mouse onto the tablet, click its
>middle button, then I get the keyboard shortcuts and the left button of
>the trackball back.

>Actually, it would all be useable if there was a less tedious method to
>get the stylus out of "drawing mode" so I get back the keyboard tool
>control and left button of my trackball back.


>Kind regards

I don't think I know how to solve your problem.
Did some googling and found this:
I have a similar file for my wacom tablet in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d.
Both /usr/share/X11 and /etc/X11 are ok to put this in.
/etc/X11 is read after /usr/share/X11 during boot.
Wacom being the market leader probably makes support in Linux better.
Good luck.

>       Jan

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