>I've got a problem editing an image with a dotted background in it. By 
>'dotted', I mean an array of small evenly spaced black dots on a white 

>I've tried the fuzzy select tool which kind of works. It fills in the white 
>space with the color I want but leaves the dots untouched. I want to get rid 
>of the dots.

>The image has a lot of rectangles containing text (these are not dotted) on 
>this dotted background so using the select tool would be a real chore.

>Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks

It very much depends on the image and the size of the dots.

The obvious is a mask of some sort but a quick solution might be

Filter -> generic -> dilate   This shrinks everything by 1 pix around the 

if the dots still show, do it again. If it takes more that that, give up now.


Filter -> generic -> erode  this add a pix around a perimeter, match this with 
the number of 'dilates'

If the the text or the box is small then chances are this will not work, you 
destroy what you want to keep.

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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