This is not actually a GIMP question, Scangear is its own separate utility.  (I 
have an HP scanner and its scan utility is called PrecisionScan.  Every scan 
utility works slightly different.) Still, have you searched Scangear's help 
files and/or documentation for the option to change your scan resolution?

In your scan utility, the box you click and drag over the scan glass is 
precisely meant for "cropping" the image -- it specifies what areas you want 
your scanner to actually scan.  Very useful if you want to just scan a small 
portion of the entire scanner surface (because the source image is small, or if 
you just want to "test" the final scan without doing the whole thing at once).  
Your scan utility won't let you "pad" out to sizes larger than the scan glass 
-- you do that with your image editor after scanning (e.g. GIMP).  The actual 
scan resolution should be a separate option from the scan/crop area.

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> Subject: [Gimp-user] scanning images
> Hi I'm new to gimp & I can't figure out that when I scan an image in Gimp in 
> the Scangear screen (can't find the answer in the manual)& I have the output 
> size to something other than the "flexible" setting it creates a box which 
> always crops the image. I can make the box smaller but never bigger to scan 
> the entire image. But on the flexible setting no box is overlayed on the 
> image to scan but the resolution isn't high enough. So am I missing something?
> Thanks tim
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