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On 02 Mar 12 16:50 matt1027 <box1...@bellsouth.net> said:
> >My husband set "Gimp Users" to send forum thread updates everytime 
> >there's a new post and we can't figure out how to revert this 
> situation.
> >
> >I would really like this to cease.
> >
> >How do I proceed?

Note, the OP talks of "to send forum thread updates everytime there's 
a new post".

This suggests that he is not subscribed to the mail list but is a user
of the dreaded "GIMP User" forum. That may be the one hosted here:


She may be able to unusbscribe from the topic in question there.

I know that you can subscribe to individual topics on the current 
Nabble software, but I know nothing of the "Old Nabble" which appears 
to host the "GIMP User" archive.

Greg Chapman
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