On 03/15/2012 12:45 AM, reyahtbor wrote:

> I'm sure this newbie question has been answered before, but I
can't seem to find the answer, so here it is again. Does anyone know
where I can find a tutorial on how to put a border/outline around
text that results in non-rounded effect?

Hey reyahtbor,

This is a fairly easy one but only if you know how.  Here's how...
one way at least.

Make some text.  Then in the Tool Options tab of your dialog dock,
find and click the "Path From Text" button.

Make a new transparent layer, and put it under your text layer. 
Make sure it is selected as your "current" layer.

Pick a color for your outline with the Foreground/Background tool.

In the Paths tab of your dialog dock, find the Paint Along Path
button at the bottom and click on it.  A dialog will open with lots
of options.

In the dialog box you, open the Line Style options by clicking on
"Line Style."  Select the Cap Style and Join Style you want, and you
can get those squared off corners you are looking for.

Set your Line Width in pixels - make that 2x the width of the
outline you want.  Then click the "Stroke" button, and check your
results.  Good?  Yay!  Not so good?  Control-Z to undo, tweak it
some more and try it again.

Bonus:  If your text is really fancy and you made it that way by
merging your original text layer into an image layer, or lost your
original text layer some other way, you can still get that outline.

Select your fancy text - we are hoping that it is on an otherwise
transparent layer!  If so you can do "Alpha to Selection" in the
right-click context menu for the layer your fancy text is on.

Then go to the Paths dialog, find and click the "Path From
Selection" button.

Undo your selection with Control-Alt-A (so your outline won't be
restricted to the selection area), and proceed as above to make the
outline on a new transparent layer below your fancy pixelized text.



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