On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 2:24 PM, Patrick Shanahan <ptilopt...@gmail.com> wrote:
> :^)   I have a wheel-mouse, tackball w/wheel, and my bamboo tablet all
> configured.

I used to have a mouse for my left hand, but this smaller desk doesn't
really have the room.  There is a wacom mouse you can set on the
tablet, but it's pretty awful.  I keep on the desk though, because
certain programs (Filezilla, I'm looking at you) and some websites
(looking at you Dreamhost) don't play well with the tablet.

> btw, I would be interested in your wacom tablet button settings.
> tks,

Pretty much the defaults.  It's an Intuos 3 - I use the two pen tips
for tools.  One side of the pen's rocker switch is pan, the other side
is right-click.  Once upon a time, I bound the buttons on the pad to
do things, but haven't bothered on my current system since I hardly
ever used them.  I generally have the pressure sensitivity mapped to
opacity for most things - but I toggle that on and off.  I'm mainly
retouching photos for use in print designs these days - not much
painting or creation from scratch.

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