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I've noticed that every time I save an image in GIMP as JPG the quality
slider bar defaults to 85. Even though I keep changing it to 75. If this
numeric value is a Photoshop equivalent like other GIMP features, then 85
is probably a wasted effort. The research* I'm aware of* (note emphasis)
says that the quality in JPG images saved at a level above 75 is
"theoretical." In other words, the increased quality is there in technical
terms, but imperceptible to the human eye. Comments?

i don't get 85% as default every time. in my observation, the default changes with the image, i.e., lots of detail or lots of same or similar colors, etc.

when i prepare a jpg for the web, i go down with the quality until i see a real difference at 100% zoom; often that's only a fraction of the default setting. on the other hand, if the jpg is intended for printing by someone, i usually leave the default, which often is above 90% with my images.

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