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> Can I use GIMP to make EarthMandalas a la http://www.earthmandalas.com/

Calling it a mandala is a bit of exxageration :) Nevertheless, yes --
you can do that with GIMP

Selecting the first sector from the photo is going to be difficult
with GIMP. I'd recommend using Inkscape to draw the circle's sector
with the Circle tool (Ctrl+Shift+drag to draw a perfect circle, then
drag the right handle and input the exact angle you need in the top
toolbar with the tool's settings). Copy the sector to clipboard, in
GIMP go to the Paths dockable dialog, right-click for contextual menu
and use "Paste a Path" command. Then select the newly pasted path,
move it to desirable location and convert it to selection )bottom
toolbar of the Paths dialog).

Before rotating, move each new piece of the "mandala" so that its
corner with the smallest radius is right on top of a likewise corner
of the adjacent piece. Then when you rotate, there will be a handle in
the center of the layer which is the rotation center. Move it to that
very corner with the smallest radius. That way you will be able to
make perfect alignment of pieces.

That's beginning to sound like a complete tutorial mostly because the
author pf the original tutorial at http://www.earthmandalas.com did a
lousy job at explaining things. Otherwise you'd be able to repeat 80%
of the actions as is.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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