"Kevin Cozens" <ke...@ve3syb.ca> wrote in message 
> On 12-03-29 05:31 PM, John wrote:
>> What is the best way to place the card image onto a format that prints a
>> sheet of Avery labels? Is that an external plugin?
> Once you have your final image, the easiest way to print them on to labels 
> is to use the label template features of your favourite word processing 
> program.
Hello, Kevin.  That would be "Word".  I looked at the free Avery label 
wizard program, but no thank you.  One of the issues I have with the labels 
pattern in Word is getting the images to line up exactly along the border of 
the pattern. It appears to be a smidgin away from it. It is a pain, really, 
for such a simple request.  Thanks. 

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