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Fast and simple:  Open your image.  Make the selection you want with
the oval select tool.  Do Select>  Feather in your main menu.  Then
do Control+i (or, Select>  Invert) to select everything /but/ your
oval.  Then drag and drop "white" from the color selector tool in
your main toolbox into the image.

Do Control+alt+a to remove your selection (or Select>  None), and
look at the result.  Want more/less "blur" around the edge?  Do
control-z repeatedly until your oval selection reappears and
disappears.  Start over, and select more/less pixels in the Select>
Feather menu.

No layers, no complications.



Steve beat me. I wrote an response explaining just this. My explanation was _much_ too complicated, so my apologies.

Anyways here are some tutorials grouped by difficulty:

-Stefan Maerz
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