On 03/31/2012 01:55 PM, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> On 12-03-30 04:08 AM, John wrote:
>> One of the issues I have with the labels pattern in Word is
>> getting the
>> images to line up exactly along the border of the pattern.
> Alignment when printing is a common problem with a lot of printers.
> You have two options to deal with it. Either adjust page offsets in
> the printer configuration panel (if you can) or measure the offsets
> on a printed page and adjust the label template to compensate.

A while back I was on a job where we had to print out hundreds of
cable tags - fancy labels, more or less - per unit, for a run of
custom industrial machines.  We wasted about half a day trying
everything, starting with the "official" templates, to get those
things to line up correctly.

I was the one who found the solution:  Print from AutoCAD.  Thaat,
with careful measurement of failed test runs on plain paper and
adjustment of the template matrix, finally worked.  Nobody, me
included, liked that idea - but it was the only solution we could find.

I hate printers.  Cheap desktop ones are bad enough, and the
all-in-one print/copy/fax things are abominations.  The former can
often be made to work reliably enough for weeks at a time, the
latter are best corrected with a nine pound hammer.



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