We the GIMP Magazine
team (Jordan, Rod, Dave and Steve) are making a serious attempt at creating a
premiere GIMP Magazine ( www.twitter.com/GIMPMagazine ).  


The goals of the
magazine are:

-To promote GIMP
& related open source graphics software

-To promote art /
photography created using this software

-To provide a
professional looking magazine, with a high design value and visual interest 

-To provide a
magazine for users, artists, photographers, designers, and developers


We are asking if you
would share the following Call for Content ( 
http://blog.meetthegimp.org/call-for-content-gimp-magazine-is-here/ ) with your 


If you have any
questions kindly contact us at gimpmagaz...@hotmail.ca.


SteveManaging Editor

 You should check out my blog at www.steveczajka.posterous.com or follow me on 
twitter at http://twitter.com/steveczajka
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