I've just tried the RC1 and so far I'm loving the new brush engine. 

I've got a little question though. What's the fastest way to change the brush 
size with a tablet? The [ and ] hotkeys work, but they change the brush size 
one pixel at a time which means that when you're working at print resolutions, 
it can take even 30 seconds just to change your brush size to what you want. 
There's a "Set brush size" command listed in the keyboard shortcut menu, but 
binding it to a key and using it doesn't seem to do anything. Using the slider 
hidden in the tool options menu is always an option, but it breaks the flow of 

/me dreams of a Blender-style brush size changer, or a ZBrush or Sculptris 
style handy popup essentials menu.

MadMinstrel (via gimpusers.com)
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