Madeleine Fisher <> writes:

> I just downloaded the new RC, and it works really well, but I have a 
> problem--when I use
> my tablet and it goes off the screen, the pressure settings will suddenly 
> switch off. Is
> that something that I can fix? Or will it work better in future releases? 
> Some with the
> free-move (or whatever)--when I move the view around sometimes I have to 
> minimize the
> whole GIMP to get it to refresh properly.

Hmm, this seems like something for the devs … If you feel like
contributing a bug report, has some info;
there's also the gimp developer list at 

> Also, just if anybody has any good advice: sometimes when I hit the hotkeys I 
> hit my
> mousepad, too (on my laptop), and GIMP will sporadically spaz between the 
> "default"
> settings and the one's I've put on my tablet to draw with at the current 
> moment. I
> wouldn't ask for help, but it continues for minutes afterward sometimes. It 
> makes it
> difficult to draw a line and is just kind of annoying. Any thoughts?

If it were me, I would run a program that turns on/off the mousepad with
a global hotkey (so I could press e.g. F12 or something to toggle it).
Depends on your system how easy it is to find such a program though …


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