Thanks for the links Dan they are great sources. But none of them really tells me about the relation between PS and GIMP USM settings. Myself, I usally set radius 10 , amount 0.5 and threshold to 4 and play with the values around those defaults a bit until I am happy, but it would be interesting to see if someone actually knew the relation between PS and GIMP USM. I will search for USM PS and GIMP using Lycos and Altavista to find a few more links.

(I found this as a one link about it as well )


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there are some great pages out there on this.
thanks for making me look for them.
feels like i'm back in graphics...

On 4/26/12, Sven Tryding <> wrote:
I would also like to understand the Unsharp Mask settings. I have never used

photoshop but I can't imagine that e.g. the settings Amount 85% Radius:1
Threshold:4 would turn out the same in photoshop as they will do in Gimp
(i.e the result of the image after having used USM with the same settings). So if anyone on this list dare to give a rough translation between photoshop

USM settings and GIMP USM settings I would be happy as well.


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Subject: [Gimp-user] Convert PS USM settings to Gimp

Can anybody convert the following Photoshop USM settings to Gimp? I want to

use them in David's Batch Processor.

Amount: 85%
Radius: 1
Threshold: 4


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