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> * Richard Gitschlag <strata_ran...@hotmail.com> [05-05-12 15:52]:
> > 
> > Now if GIMP would just remember that I want to run it maximized....
> > 
> This may be a function of your windowmanager, which you failed to mention. 
> KDE has the ability to designate specific windows to maintain size and
> position in addition to which desktop.

Win XP.  Application shortcuts (.lnk files) can be configured to hint that the 
target application should be displayed in normal or maximized state.  Likewise, 
an application can request one of its windows to be displayed in normal or 
maximized state.

But in practice, setting my GIMP shortcut for "maximized" only causes GIMP's 
splash loading screen to be maximized, GIMP's actual Image window(s) is 
non-maximized and takes on whatever size/position values were saved in 

-- Stratadrake
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