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> I noticed that when I open a 16bit ppm in GIMP 2.8, the file opens
> without the 'gimp can't handle 16bit, it will loose data, etc...'
> notification. But if I open a tiff version of the very same raw
> file, the notification does pop up. My understanding is that current
> GIMP 2.8 can't handle 16bit, regardless of file format. Is that
> right?

Yes, these warning dialogs are generated by the file-format plugin and
it seems the ppm plugin just silently discards data.

Gimp 2.8 is limited to 8 bit per channel, but if you feel adventurous
you are invited to try the current git version of babl/gegl/gimp and
experiment with the new high-bit-depth support. This still is strictly
unstable and has an inconsistent UI in lots of places. It is fun though

I hope this helps,
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