>In Preferences/Colour Management, I had enabled  'Try to use the system 
>monitor profile's.
>I disabled this, and it seems to work OK now.

>On 08/05/2012 11:18, wojtzuch wrote:
>> I got the same problem on my limited user account in Windows XP (Core 2 
>> Duo). I noticed, however, no such problems when running GIMP 2.8 with admin 
>> credentials.
I noticed a similar problem after updating to 2.8. In my case it only goes away 
if I turn off Colour Management altogether. Then 2.8 redraws the screen fast - 
if anything even faster than 2.6. But something is not quite right. "Colour 
Management" when redrawing the screen doesn't need to be any more than using 
the colour value from the image to index into a lookup table to get the colour 
value to sent to the screen, but for some reason it seems to be doing far more 
- kind of like it's rebuilding the table each time for every pixel.
Given that colour management is one of the things which sets Gimp ahead of its 
rivals and on a par (in my opinion) with Photoshop, maybe this issue needs 
looking at sooner rather than later.

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