>On Sat, 2012-05-12 at 21:41 +0200, gimp-bug wrote:
>> All text in gimp 2.8 has greenish border when antialiasing is on, no matter 
>> which color is on the background. 
>> http://i.imgur.com/Ntky2.png - upper part with antialiasing, lower without
>> This problem happens with gimp 2.8 on gentoo/kde 4.8
>> Anyone have such problems? What can I do to fix this?

>Check your font antialiasing preferences maybe? In gnome 2 this is in
>system->prefs->appearance->fonts under advanced, I don't know about kde.

>There should be settings for your LCD screen sub-pixel hinting, and you
>might want to try turning that off and see if it helps.

Thank you for the answer!
Yesterday on IRC I was suggested the same - to check antialiasing settings. 
There's nothing wrong in my fontconfig, it's pretty standard. In KDE there are 
three options for antialiasing: Enabled, System settings, Disabled. I tried 
every one, and this didn't help. Anything other but "Enabled" makes my fonts 
horrible in all other apps though.

I use lcd-filtering gentoo overlay, so this might be a reason why changing 
settings doesn't work.

I tried Photoshop CS5 under Wine and, as expected, it didn't have such problem.

So now the question is - is this really intended feature that OS settings could 
interfere with how raster graphical editor renders its' text objects? Don't you 
see anything wrong with it? Atm Gimp is unusable for me.
Don't consider this as a flamebait. I just really a bit amused by such 
"feature" and not sure if I should report it to bugtracker as a bug.

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