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> >Liam
> Thank you for the answer!
> Yesterday on IRC I was suggested the same - to check antialiasing
> settings. There's nothing wrong in my fontconfig, it's pretty
> standard. In KDE there are three options for antialiasing: Enabled,
> System settings, Disabled.

There should also be options for the type of screen you have - RGB,
VRGB, etc.

>  I tried every one, and this didn't help. Anything other but "Enabled"
> makes my fonts horrible in all other apps though.

The first thing is to discover what's causing your problem, before
trying to work out a solution.

> I use lcd-filtering gentoo overlay, so this might be a reason why
> changing settings doesn't work.

I don't know what that is, sorry.

> So now the question is - is this really intended feature that OS
> settings could interfere with how raster graphical editor renders its'
> text objects? 
It depends on your objective as to whether it makes sense. Note also
that gimp's text tool options has a separate antialiasing setting.

Obviously a green halo is not intended.


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