> But it sure sounds like a bug. I have further inspected my problem 
and it seems Gimp has a minimal window size that will resize to no 
matter what preferences I set for it.
> To reproduce the bug:
> 1. make singlemode window,
> 2. Resize Gimp's window the smallest you can (for me it's 454x591)
> 2. switch off zoom & resize behavior,
> 3. drag and drop (or file/open) an oversized image on Gimp,
> 4. Boom! Resized window!
> I just wish I know where to look for this in the source files. :/

Let's compare: My GIMP's minimum window size is (458x607), window border and 
title bar included.  When I open an image, GIMP resizes its window to a minimum 
of (875x563) (border and titlebar still included) - however, this is not a 
problem since my saved window settings are normally about (1024x768).

Wait -- what desktop resolution do you run?  A minimum width of 875 would 
definitely be an issue if you're running 800x600 or less.

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.
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