2012/5/15 Gwenouille <for...@gimpusers.com>:
> Thanks Olivier, your help is much appreciated.
> Another question from my side:
> Can GIMP really manage several wacom pens ? I mean can it recognize them as 
> being different and assign different tools/settings to them ?

To my knowledge, this is not presently the case, at least with
GNU/Linux. More a problem of GTK+ than a GIMP problem.

> I have an airbrush and the grip pen and only the grip pen is available. The 
> brush works, but they act as one, having the same tools etc. I cannot have 
> pencil on the grip pen and airbrush on the airbrush for instance...

> Can you ?

No, I can't. You should ask Alexia Death on the #gimp IRC channel. I
remember she told me about that problem.
Olivier Lecarme
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