>I don't think you need anything there. But are we speaking about the
>same thing? In Image: Edit -> Input Devices there are Axes and Keys.
>Axes is used for setting the answer curve of the pressure. Keys is not
>used at all. But that's with GNU/Linux.

Yes, input devices, not peripherals (says "peripheriques" in french)
Yes, i can see axes and keys.
Nothing under Keys, and under axes:
X Tilt: 4
Y Tilt: 5
Roulette (wheel): ien (nothing)

I find surprising that "nothing" corresponds to the missing functionnality...

>Linking Wheel to Pressure may be difficult to test. Here is a sketch
>using the Wacom Paint Brush, with Wheel linked to Angle and a round
>hard brush with Aspect Ratio set to 10.

I can't see any sketch, but I've tried it your way.
Hard brush, flattened by aspect ratio, and the wheel to control the angle.
No result... Still dead horizontal no matter what.

I can control that the wacom driver reads the wheel value alright in the 
control panel diagnose area...

I will try to install an ubuntu somewhere to see what it is like under Linux.

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