>Did you select one of the components of the tablet, in the list on the
>left? This list mentions the various peripherals. For example, for me
>it contains four entries for the Wacom tablet. If I select one of
>them, all entries under Axes specify a number.

Yes i did, in fact there are 3 entries:
Core pointer (my mouse)
Wacom Tablet Eraser
Wacom Tablet Pressure Stylus

Doesn't matter if i start Gimp with the mouse, stylus, airbrush... I get these 
Notice that the airbrush isn't in there. But both the Eraser and Stylus have a 
"Roulette:rien" line under the "Axes" table
I guess i should find some "WACOM Tablet Airbrush" line on the left for the 
airbrush ? And choosing that would lead to having a "Roulette" entry under the 
"Axes" table ? So does it mean that the driver isn't presenting the full array 
of available pens to GIMP ?

>Probably because you are looking at your mouse or something else?
Well, i am surely looking at the stylus, but not at the mouse, that's for sure. 
In fact I choose "Eraser" or "Stylus" to get to see that list with the wheel.

>It was attached to the message.
Oh ? I didn't find anything... Don't worry i get the idea of what it should 
have looked like !

>Try the last version, 12.04. I hate the Unity environment, but you may
>like it, or change to Gnome 3 or even something similar to Gnome 2.
Understood ! In fact i already have an old Ubuntu Karmic Koala somewhere on 
another hard drive. I'll boot on that later.

>And we can continue this conversation privately in French.
Well, why not, but since this info might help someone else on the forum, I 
don't mind carrying on in English.

Gwenouille (via gimpusers.com)
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