2012/5/17 Gwenouille <for...@gimpusers.com>:
>>Clearly the Wacom support on Windows is inadequate. Whether it's
>>GIMP's or Windows' or GTK+'s fault, I don't know, but the GIMP
>>developers certainly know. Look at the two different states of the
>>Input Devices dialog I attach to this message.
> I'd like to, but i see no attached images ! Where can i find them ?
> I see no image in the message, and no link to them.

This is because you are not looking at the mailing list, but at the
gimpusers pseudo-forum, which is an incomplete mirror of the proper
list. Look at https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gimp-user-list/, or
better, subscribe to this list.

My actual message is here:

> Good to know that the developpers know about that. I know there are plans to 
> move to GTK3, maybe that'll solve the issue.

I think so. But it works on GNU/Linux.

>>The various Wacom pens are not specifically detected by the input
>>device support, since when I took the two attached sceenshots, I was
>>not even using the tablet. And the Wheel line is present for all Wacom
>>components, including the eraser, the cursor (i.e., the Wacom mouse),
>>and the pad.
> I'd like to see that screenshot !

I told you above how to do.

>>That's a version of Ubuntu much too old. GIMP 2.8 does not work with
>>11.04, and I understand that having it to work with 11.10 needs a
>>little preliminary work. With 12.04, it's directly accessible via
>>apt-get or similar tools.
> Understood. I will burn an iso for the new LTS version. But nevertheless, 
> I've started gimp on that old ubuntu, and i had more input devices than on 
> Windows...

But it's probably 2.6.12, and thus you have only a very primitive
version of the paint dynamics.

> I'm going to look at wacom forums too...

Not sure it will help.
Olivier Lecarme
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