2012/5/17 Reflat N <fokju...@gmail.com>:
> Recently upgraded to Gimp 2.8 for the single window mode (which works
> brilliantly in Ubuntu, especially with the HUD).
> But the Rectangle Select Tool has a new - but odd - behaviour. When I draw a
> selection, and then add to that selection, a new "square" is position at my
> cursor. (See attached screenshot.) This didn't happen in 2.6 and is a bit
> irritating because it disorientates me slightly, especially if I'm working
> quickly.

This "square" is simply the same outline that appears when you first
begin using the rectangle select tool. It's the same, whether you are
beginning a new selection, or adding or subtracting to an existing
selection. I don't see why it disorientates you.
Olivier Lecarme
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