On 05/20/2012 04:12 PM, Bruce wrote:
I'm not sure if this is the right place for asking questions, but I figured it's better than asking in the developer mailing list.
*1. Is there a "show quick mask" feature for showing masks?*

    I know Gimp has a "/Show quick mask/" feature which shows what you
    have (and haven't) selected by displaying a red overlay over your
    image, allowing you to add to or subtract from a selection by
    using the paintbrush, but I haven't found a similar feature for
    showing masks.

    Photoshop has this feature (it's called 'reveal mask' I think) and
    it basically just shows a red overlay of your mask on your image
    so that, similar to the quick mask feature in Gimp, you can see
    where you have and haven't masked through.

    (I don't own Photoshop so I'm not sure if the red overlay shows
    the opacity with which you've masked through or whether or not you
    can edit the mask when it's being shown as a red overlay.)

*2. Is there a command for showing the layer underneath the current layer I'm working on?*

    This is another feature that I've seen Photoshop has that is
    helpful for blending multiple exposures (and lots of things, really).

    Basically it's just a keyboard shortcut for showing the layer
    underneath your current when you hold down a certain keyboard
    command (it's not something you toggle since it's meant for
    quickly viewing what's on the layer underneath your current one).

    I know I can press space bar to show or hide the layer I'm
    currently working on, but I can't do that unless I focus into the
    layers dialogue first. It'd be nice if I could activate that
    functionality from anywhere, regardless of whether I'm focused on
    the layers dialogue.

 * * *
Do either of these features exist in Gimp?

If not, where can I make suggestions about them?

/*Disclosure*: neither of these are original ideas from me. I saw these features when watching a video of someone using Photoshop and then wondered if I could do the same thing in Gimp. /

1) Not that I know, but you can define a keyboard shortcut for action layer-mask-show to toggle the display between the mask and the layer.

2) Define a shortcut for action "drawable-visible" to toggle the visibility of the current drawable.

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