Alex Stegmann <> writes:

> Hello, my name is Alex Stegmann, and I've been using Gimp for sometime now. 
> It's a
> fantastic program, but I thought the area where it lacked the most was the 
> brushes. It
> only came with a few basic brushes, and you often had to download extra packs 
> for that
> something extra. This in itself wasn't a huge deal, although if you had brush 
> sets more
> like those of PaintTool SAI or MyPaint, that would be really great. Those 
> program don't
> have as much as Gimp, but they have some really great brushes, which makes 
> them fun to
> draw in.
> My bigger concerns is adding your own brushes to Gimp via imported brush 
> packs. While
> you say you integrate all files, the brush manager is lacking. If I wish to 
> add a few
> brush packs to see what they do, the brush list quickly becomes
> clogged. 

Click the "filter" drop-down. If you added a folder of brushes into
~/.gimp-2.8/brushes/fancynewbrushes, then you should have a tag/button
called "fancynewbrushes" that you can click. This filters down the list
of brushes to only those that were in that folder (you can also manually
tag brushes if you want). 

> You can't seem
> to delete brushes without going back into the brushes folder which you first 
> put them
> in, and then delete the files. This also means if you like a few brushes in a 
> pack, but
> the rest of it is useless to you, then you have to have everything, or 
> nothing.

I don't understand. You first explain how you can delete some brushes,
then you say that it's impossible? (There's even a simpler way: just
right click and select the "delete" option.)

I can imagine a situation where deleting wouldn't be possible though: if
you installed the brush pack through a package manager, as the root user
(so it's installed in /usr/share/gimp/2.0/brushes/somename or
something). GIMP can't give you root permissions ;) so in that case,
what you should do is copy it over to your user directory,
~/.gimp-2.8/brushes/somename, uninstall it from the package manager, and
then you can start deleting individual brushes from either GIMP or the


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