2012/5/29 Gimpuser2012 <for...@gimpusers.com>

> There is another thread in gimp-attitude.org: "Problème avec l'outil cage
> de Gimp 2.8" (French) but no one seems to know a solution.
I did several tests, installing and uninstalling Visual C++ libraries,
deleting the profile and so on, to no avail. It may be a bug in the Gimp.
There is a bug ticket in bugzilla (here:
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=676468 ). I'm going to write
there my experience so the bug appears as confirmed. You could post there
your specs too to help developers find the problem.

So, till it is fixed, I think we'll have to wait for the next release to
use the cage tool (or use Linux :)).
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