First of all, many thanks for this opportunity; unfortunately not all projects 
have this attitude towards their users.

And now, let's get into matter! I use GIMP to retouch my photographs, and spend 
most of my time in the application doing the following tasks:

* Cloning, to fix sensor dust, of remove some unwanted element from the 
* Dodging and burning, or painting on an overlay layer, to lighten or darken 
some zones, add volume to objects, re-balance the light in the scene, ...
* Paint large areas with a solid black color, to create a false dark background.
* Paint on a mask, to selectively merge two versions of the same image.

[I think it is worth mentioning that I own a Wacom tablet, which I use 
extensively; it usually sits in the center of my desktop, with the keyboard and 
mouse both displaced to a side (thus, having to use the mouse or the keyboard 
slows down my workflow)].

So, I'm always using some type of brush tool in GIMP; I exclusively use round 
brushes, that I change in size and hardness quite frequently. In 2.6 I would 
always have the brush editor dialog open with a custom brush, and modify it 
from there.

In 2.8 I cannot change the size from the brush editor (well, I can, but the 
change does not get reflected into the tool immediately); so, in order to avoid 
having to go back and forth between the brush editor and the tool options 
dialog, I have to create brushes for each hardness level. I would prefer to 
have a dialog where I could quickly change the size and hardness of the brush.

And speaking of this, I haven't still got used to the new size selection 
widget; in particular, setting small values is a bit cumbersome, in my humble 

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