On 05/31/12 04:24, eduperez wrote:

> So, I'm always using some type of brush tool in GIMP;
> I exclusively use round brushes,
> that I change in size and hardness quite frequently.

I would second that comment

> In 2.8 I cannot change the size from the brush editor
> (well, I can, but the change does not get reflected into the tool 
> immediately);
> so, in order to avoid having to go back and forth between the brush editor
> and the tool options dialog, I have to create brushes for each hardness level.
> I would prefer to have a dialog where I could quickly change the size and 
> hardness
> of the brush.
> I haven't still got used to the new size selection widget;
> in particular, setting small values is a bit cumbersome, in my humble opinion.

I agree.  Unless running it clear down to 1, 
I always end up clicking on it and typing in the value.
It would be nice to have an option for each slider
to be able to clamp it to some number of decimal points or just integer values.

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