Every one has their attitudes and reasons for doing things. I like gimp
save (XCF)  if I am working over a period of time on a project.

But if all I am doing is cleaning, cropping, and adjusting gamma. I want
to be able to make my default save, PNG. Not an export; a default save
as PNG. If I want something else I can open the format window or change
the defaults.

So I will plead with you to consider making it possible to set a default
save and export as the user chooses.

Why? Because I imagine the over-all goal is to make working with
graphics easier.

As for writing scripts. If I do that I'll fork Gimp and take out some of
the "Must do this way." Which is common in Apple software and Microsoft,
and yes Linux.

I use Debian Wheezy, SID, with a Mate Desktop environment. GIMP 2.6.12

Of all the commercial software I have had to use in the past, I still
like Gimp the best for the things I do in photography and video. It will
never be perfect, but we can strive for it.

Again, Please, let *me* set the default save and let *me* set the
default export.

Thanks for the great program and support.
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