Ofnuts wrote:

>Saving to JPEG from Gimp is more like exporting to PDF from OO (that, 
>incidentally, OO calls "export").

the difference is the PDF format is not supposed to be edited any further (even 
though there is a plugin for importing PDF, with many limitations, into 
openoffice). Png and Jpeg can be imported and exported into Gimp because it's a 
tool designed for this.

Btw, Inkscape only has a "save" option, for exporting to pdf, ai, svg etc.

I discovered another strange behavior with this "export" feature in Gimp, let's 
suppose I have a big JPG file (let's call it MyPicture.jpg), I want to resample 
it and save as PNG format (for a logo for example):

when loading the file into gimp, now I have the name [MyPicture] (imported) at 
the top, and MyPicture.jpg in the status line, at the bottom. Then I export it 
into png: [MyPicture] is replaced by Untitled (exported). So I know it has been 
exported, but I don't get the name in the title bar. BUT the MyPicture.jpg is 
still in the status line. Why? Now this file has nothing to do with the 
original jpg file. To get the name of the previously exported PNG file, I need 
to click in the File menu, and read "export to MyPicture.png". That's not 
really logicial.
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