On 06/03/2012 10:16 PM, nnaemekadavid wrote:
  Please, can anyone advise me further on what to do to this photo.
the original jpg file:
the file i have edited so far in png:
  I have outlined the steps I have carried out so far below while attempting
to save the overexposed photo.
It looks to me like this is a scanned hardcopy. If so, you might be able to get more by rescanning. Try scanning with several different intensities to see if there is anything latent in the image that is not available in the jpg.

1. Fixed the dynamic range. Colors>  Levels. Move black point to 46 and
white point to 251.
2. correct the exposure. First duplicate the image layer. Colors>
Desaturate using luminosity. Change blending mode to multiply. Duplicate the
multiply mode layer call it highlights. Change the blending mode of
highlights layer to screen. Create “new from visible layer”.
3. correct again for shadows and highlights using the shadows and highlights
filter at the gimp plugin registry with values, shadows 50, highlights 50.
4. apply color correction again using threshold and Levels tool. Using the
threshold tool, pick the black, white and gray point (for the gray point, I
filled a transparent layer with 128, 128, 128 and then mode difference and
merged it with the layer below it). Using the black, white and gray sample
points, I did Colors>  Levels, and fixed these points.
That is my editing so far an I got this image. Who can advise me on what
step to carry out next.

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