You will find many brush sets for stylized features in the resource forum

Many are hand drawn, but some are more stylized.  For roads and such, most
of us just stroke paths with a variety of regular brushes..  Railroads, for
example can be created with a narrow stroke followed by a dashed stroke or
a rotating line brush with larger spacing.  Double like everyone highways
can be drawn by stroking with a wide brush, followed by a narrow brush in a
contrasting colour, etc.

Though as Chris suggested, Inkscape tends to be easier for stroke type work.

-Rob A >

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I'm seeking recommendations of GIMP brushes to use in making maps. I'm
more interested in roadmap style, with different styles of lines to
represent different characteristics of highways, crosshatched lines to
represent railroads, etc. I'm less interested (at the moment, anyway) in
texture brushes one might use on other styles of maps, e.g., stylized
mountains, trees to represent forests, etc.

I'd think these would be common, and simple to find, but at this point
this does not seem to be the case.

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