Thank you, Rob and Chris for your prompt replies.

What motivated my question was one of the ways I use GIMP. I am an afficianado of a particular game which supports user supported content, including landscapes. Sometimes when I don't have access to my computer, I'll create proposed landscapes in the form of hand drawn maps showing certain features: contour lines, bodies of water, railroad alignments, and various types of roadway. When I happen to create a map that I particularly like, I'll use a scanner, and scan the image into GIMP, which I use to trim the map into appropriately sized pieces (about 1/2 mile square), and save them in the appropriate format. Sometimes what is clear when all of the pieces are in their original position, becomes less clear when the pieces are separated; when separated, it can become more of a challenge to remember which of the parallel lines running across all the way across a piece of landscape are contour lines, and which are a highway, or river, or other feature, which is running parallel (more or less) to those lines. I thought about how easy it might be if there were a set of lines, or brushes which I could use to indicate rights of way, adding a bit more clarity to these working documents, which are not likely to be seen by anyone other than me. I think Rob's suggestion of stroking a path with a colored line is a quite good solution to the problem I'm trying to solve. Since these map segments are unlikely to ever be published, I've no need for a full complement of cartographic symbols.

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