>When I move the mouse over the canvas with the paintbrush tool selected I get 
>a small dashed rectangle around the tip of the mouse cursor indicating where 
>the ink will go when I click the mouse button, but this dashed rectangle 
>disappears when I use the stylus pen, even though I have the paintbrush tool 
>selected.  The Device Status dialog does update as I select tools with the 
>stylus pen, I just can't make any marks on the canvas.

Which version do you use? I noticed the same behaviour with GIMP 2.8 when I 
enabled my stylus. I use a Genius EasyPen i405 (UC-Logic Technology Corp. 
Tablet WP5540U), everything is fine with GIMP 2.6, but 2.8 gives exactly the 
same behaviour.

Udi (via gimpusers.com)
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