I've been producing 16 bit tiff files using darktable.  When I try to
open them in gimp 2.6.12, I get a Tiff Image Message telling me that
        'directory is missing required "ImageLength" field'.   
I also get an Import from TIFF window showing two pages, which I can
select.  I can then Open pages either as Layers or images and Import
them.  If I import the first page, I get something, but if I try to
import both or the second page I get the same Tiff Image Message.
I don't understand what is going on.
What could be special about the tiff file that is leading gimp to do
that?   I can open the tiff file using eye of gnome, and I can open it
in photoprint.  I can also open it in Inkscape.  But I can't convert it
to a jpeg file using ImageMagick's convert.  I get the same ImageLength
error.  ImageMagick's display shows the image, but after it closes I get
the same sort of messages
Leonard Evens l...@math.northwestern.edu
Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University

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