>>>>> "CB" == Cécile Barbe <cclba...@gmail.com> writes:

CB> I try  to open a photoshop image file with gimp.
CB> But it says there is a prolem with the cymk color.

Gimp's psd filter does not seem to handle cmyk psd files.

A quick test confirms that gimp's tiff import filter does.

If you use imagemagick or graphicsmagick to convert the psd to tiff you
will be able to open it in gimp.

If you do not care about preserving the CMYK nature of the file, you
could convert to png instead of tiff, which will force the image to rgb.

I tested with:

:; gm convert foo_cmyk.psd foo_cmyk.tif
:; gimp foo_cmyk.tif

Imagemagick's convert should work just as well.

(I used ghostscript's psdcmyk output device to create the psd which I
used for the test.  Ghostscript creates rather simple psd files; files
created by photoshop might not convert as well.  YMMV.)

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