I´ve encountered the following problem in Gimp 2.8.0 - any suggestions?
When I am going to export an image file as pdf, I do get two error messages
in one message window: 
Ein Fehler trat beim Erstellen der PDF-Datei auf:
error while writing to output stream
Stellen Sie sicher, dass der Dateiname gültig ist und für den gewählten Ort
Schreibrechte vorhanden sind!
an error occurred during export of the pdf file:
error while writing to output stream
Make shure the file name is valid and the chosen location for export is not
I´ve checked both, file name and write-protection of the destination folder,
they are ok
Second error message:
»C:\Users\Klaus Gölker\Desktop\pdf-error.pdf« konnte nicht gespeichert
Das Plugin Portable-Document-Format konnte das Bild nicht speichern
<path/file> could not be saved.
The plug-in Portable-Document-Format was not able to save the image
I´ve tried several times, always with the same result. I´ve also changed the
file-save-pdf.exe and copied the one from 2.7.4 to my plug-ins directory,
but still I´ve got the same error messages 
And another question: In one of the developer releases 2.7.X there was an
entry in menu File > Create > Create multipage pdf. This entry is missing,
whereas I did a full installation (custom - all checked)
My system: Computer:
OS                            Windows 7 Ultimate Media Center Edition
OS Service Pack        Service Pack 1
DirectX              (DirectX 9.0c)
CPU Typ                    AMD Athlon FX X2, 2x2700 MHz
Motherboard Name      Asus M2V      
Motherboard RAM       3072 MB
BIOS Typ                    AMI (09/07/06)    
Grafics adapter            GeForce 210 PCi e
Thank you in advance for answers and suggestions
Klaus Goelker
Klaus Gölker
Stolzingstr. 21
81927 München
Tel.: +49 89 9102304
 <mailto:kl...@goelker.com> kl...@goelker.com
 <http://www.goelker.com/> http://www.goelker.com
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