I would like to know if there is a plugin on gimp 2.8 allowing a sort of 
resizing-the-brush while holding a key of the keyboard and moving the mouse at 
the same time.

Like :
- first, when you hold a specific key, you enter the resize mode
- while you're in the resize mode (while holding the key), the movements of 
your mouse are changing the size of your brush (e.g. : you move the mouse to 
the left and it will decrease the size of the brush) and no more moving the 
cursor (the brush)
- when you stop holding the key, you exit the resize mode. And the size is 
saved for your brush.

And if you need to change again the size of your brush, you repeat the same 

Many thanks for reading !

Udon is using gimp 2.8 because it's fantastic.
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