2012/6/10 Rosalind Gustafson <rosalind.gustaf...@yahoo.com.au>:
> Hello,
> I've been using GIMP for a while now, but a couple
> of months back (while I was still using 2.6), I had a bit of an accident. I
> don't what exactly went wrong, but I must have clicked something bad, and it 
> got
> rid of the second half of one of the docks. It's a bit hard to explain in 
> words,
> so here's a link to a picture: 
> http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/7424/problemwz.png

> Like I said, I have no idea what went wrong, and
> installing 2.8 didn't do anything to help. Does anyone know how to reverse
> this?

You closed the Tool options dialog. You can open it again by
double-clicking in one of the tools, and then dragging the floating
new dialog back to its original place.
Olivier Lecarme
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