>Hi all, I am trying to modify a set of icons for the status bar of my cell 
>phone.  I have tried Paint.net (recommended by many themers) but the color 
>never looks right.  I can colorize the icons individually but that will take a 
>long time to do all 71 icons.  I tried using a macro to run Gimp and repeat 
>the task on a loop but the "Export Image as PNG" dialog box keeps opening 
>under the stack of Gimp windows and messes the macro up.

>I've search the web but haven't found an answer to my question or a solution 
>to my problem.

>Is there any way to change the color of multiple .png files as a batch 
>operation?  Any help would be appreciated.  I am on Windows 7 if it matters.

>Thanks in advance.

There is a recent batch plugin, BIMP see:

Might work in Win7, there was some problem with win themes, might be fixed now. 
Colorize works and changing name/output/type if required.

screen shot http://i.imgur.com/oiFhw.jpg

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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