On 06/14/2012 08:45 PM, Angela D wrote:
I spent a lot of time editing this photo and when I uploaded it into gimp to further edit and attempted to save, it would not. Then I tried to open the photo, knowing the work on gimp wouldn't have saved, but it would not open. I tried opening in the web browser and Paint but it's clearly corrupt. I downloaded a file rescue program that did not detect a problem.

I am VERY hopeful someone from the GIMP may be able to fix the JPG file considering it was the GIMP program that destroyed hours of work. The file is attached, please let me know if you are able to help!

Angela, I have saved terabytes of images with Gimp and it never destroyed anything. I'm not discounting there could be an obscure bug in that area but it is much more likely that you have a hardware or filesystem problem that hit you when you saved the file (how full is you disk?), so assigning culpability early isn't going to help and may prevent you from from identifying the real source of the problem, that could hit you again when using some other software.

When I work hours on something really important (be it an image, some text document, or a piece of code) I save regularly and copy the successive versions to a USB key. This is my defense against software bugs, hardware problems, and brain lapses.

Your file, as attached, is 12KB so it likely doesn't contain anything of interest, unless you were doing a very small image.
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