Leonard Evens (l...@math.northwestern.edu) wrote:
> The interface seems unchanged with multiple windows.

Seems you found the single window mode by now  :)

> Also, supposedly there is an Image>Precision Menu item  which allows me
> to se the precision.  I don't have that.

You have been misinformed. Image>Precision has been introduced shortly
after the 2.8 release and for now only is available in the development
version resp. GIT. While it works surprisingly well it is not yet good
enough to be released onto unsuspecting users...  :)

> On the other hand, when I load a 16 bit image, I don't get a notice
> about conversion to 8 bits per channel, and a calculation suggests that
> each pixel takes up six bytes.

You lose the precision anyway and it depends on the loader plugin if
this dialog is shown or not. Anyway, 6 bytes per pixels seems a tad on
the low side, since Gimp usually needs more (3 or 4 bytes image data, 4
bytes projection, one byte selection mask).

I hope this helps.

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