To: GIMP devs and users

Having recently made the upgrade to GIMP 2.8, it's immediately obvious to me as 
a long time user that GIMP is now a far less productive application. Some 
aspects that I find particularly obtrusive:

-> The "Export" vs Save implementation: this alone already made me go back to 
2.6, at least until this "feature" is made optional or removed from GIMP 
altogether. Previously, all I had to do to save an image in any desired format 
after editing it, was to use "Save as" exactly as I would in any other program; 
now I have to go through multiple dialogue windows and manually select the same 
options ALL THE TIME (such as the dreadful "Do Not write colour space 
information" for BMPs), since they aren't assumed by GIMP for future 
operations. Even something that should be as simple as a quick modification 
followed by a CTRL+S to overwrite the same image in its own native format has 
become an headache.

-> When saving (pardon me, "exporting") images to JPG, the advanced options 
dialogue DOES NOT assume the defaults as selected by the user after clicking on 
"Save Defaults"; instead, it expects the user to click on "Load Defaults" ALL 
THE TIME! How obtuse can this be ? I don't want to have to manually load my 
defaults ALL THE TIME, that's as much troublesome and time consuming as just 
selecting those same options myself ALL THE TIME. If I have a "Save Defaults" 
option, what I want it to do is exactly what it says - GIMP *automatically* 
assuming those options the next time I get to save an image as JPG. That's what 
"defaults" in computer programs means.

The way I see it, a computer application improves when it gets more intuitive 
and faster to use. Alas, this is not the case with such GIMP implementations as 
the above ones. Having to do the same operations while using more time and more 
steps than before is not an improvement - it's a step backwards. 

If it's your desire to keep this kind of counter-productive "features" in place 
to cater for people who can't use a computer correctly and thus need all those 
repetitive dialogue boxes and safety checks just as the typical Windows 
initiate needs to go through multiple "Yes/No" buttons just to copy, move or 
delete a file (because he'd otherwise ruin his own work, out of his own 
inepcy), then at least PLEASE make them optional in the next version or a patch 
so that experienced users can get them out of the way and get their GIMP 
productivity back. 

Thank you very much.
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