I uninstalled GIMP. Found older versions here, and went with the most recent 
one that works for me:

I may have jumped to conclusions about the automatic update (I hope!). 
Apparently I hadn't yet used the program on the new computer I'm on, and 
confused it with the last time I used an older version on my old computer. 
That's a relief at least.

But I'm still appalled by the changes that only make the program more 
complicated than it already is, and the entire interface is much too cluttered, 
and really unattractive. Not what I want to see when I'm doing my own art. 

And please developers, consider a forum where we can subscribe only to the 
thread that's relevant to our problem. I'm going to unsubscribe from this 
listserve now, since I figured out how to fix this myself.

--- On Thu, 21/6/12, isis feral <> wrote:

From: isis feral <>
Subject: How to stop automatic updates, and return to previous version?
Date: Thursday, 21 June, 2012, 11:24 PM

I just opened up GIMP and to my horror it had been changed completely without 
my consent. 

 question: I assume this was some sort of automatic update. How do I 
turn that off, so that I have control over whether or not I want to 

Second question: How do I go back to the previous 
version? I absolutely HATE this new version of GIMP. I can't find basic 
functions, because they've been moved.

I was trying to do a quick
 project, and I really don't appreciate being forced to learn a whole 
new set up. I'm appalled to find that my program's been changed without 
giving me any choice in the matter, and then having to sign up on a 
listserve to fix the problem. Why not set up a forum, where we can 
subscribe to just the thread that's relevant to us? My love affair with 
GIMP appears to be coming to a swift end here....

Thanx for any
 insight to help make this functional for me again.

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